Friday, July 10, 2009

Lusine sings Komitas.

I can think of no better way to reach out to my audience than to sing Komitas. His music is a source of self-purification and magnanimous joy. It is a communion with everything Armenian and everything human. I am certain that Komitasian melody will help you go beyond the concerns of the instant and indulge in freshness of new energy and lightness of being.
If you decide to venture to the treasury of Armenian identity, follow the road sign that reads “Music” and make sure you enter through the gates marked “Komitas”. For it is the Komitasian verse that waters the conviviality of the Armenian child. For an Armenian farmer sweats over the unyielding field with the Komitasian ‘horovel’1. For an Armenian prays, asks for divine mercy chanting the Komitasian liturgy. For an Armenian burns with love, calls his lover, praises her grace, sheds tears of sadness and laments the snow-bitten spring of his abandoned love in Komitasian love songs. For a desperate Armenian √©migr√©, seeking a fortune in desolate far lands satiates the unbearable longing for his home and family through a Komitasian song of migration.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Arsen Barsamyan "UNITED", Coming Soon!!!

Talented composer and piano player Arsen Barsamyan very soon will release his second album entitled "United". Wonderful creations of Arsen Barsamyan are performed by young pianist Tatevik Hovhannisyan.
"Melodies included in this album don’t have a defined name as musical type.
In my opinion they are simply a way of feeling and mental relax,
where there is no depression, limitation and disappointment."-Arsen Barsamyan

“Do You Know Where Am I?” Album Coming Soon!!!

Very soon Armenian Music Center will release the debut album of charming and original singer Karine Asiryan entitled "Do You Know Where am I?" which includes 11 very beautiful compositions in Armenian and Russian.At present Karine Asiryan builds up her activities both in Moscow and in Yerevan and currently plays in Moscow operetta theater, the international original Musical of "Earl Monte Cristo" by Alexander Dumas, the role of Gayde'e, where she feels in her element. She also keeps on recording her songs and shooting music videos in her motherland and goes on tours throughout Russia in musicals "Romeo and Juliet" and "Notre Dame de Paris" where her dreams at last were realized.